How the book found me part II


Cristine Schell, from Cologne, writes: “I came across Rinpoche’s book when a friend invited me over for coffee while I was still living out in the country. The book stood on her bookshelf; she had hardly looked at it, much less started to read it since she had borrowed it from a friend.

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“That Book You Bought for Me”


For the 10th anniversary of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying in 2002, Marian O’Dwyer, shared her experience of how the book helped her mother in her final years: “I visited my mother in England on her eighty-fifth birthday, three years before her death, after attending a retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche at Lerab Ling.

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“Changed My Life”


David C Mitchell writes: “Changed my life. Because of this book, which I read for the first time on a trip in India in the early 90’s, I chose to pursue work in Hospice care. Although it took time for this to “manifest”, I am now a grief counselor at a Hospice. A wonderful, sensitive, […]

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How the book found me

Dirk cologne

Dirk van Fürden, from Cologne, Germany tells his story:

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Healing through Reading

Dzogchen Beara Retreat Centre in Ireland

Jan Linehan, who works for Rigpa’s Spiritual Care Programme writes: Recently, thinking about the influence of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, I remembered that Viktor Frankl, whose book Man’s Search for Meaning about his experience in the Nazi concentration camps inspired so many people, wondered once whether there was such a thing as […]

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