Dignity in Death.


Boon Ngoei sent us his story today: “In 1993 I lost my partner through a AIDS related illness.

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Que m’arrivera-t-il quand je mourrai ?


Karin Behrendt, une étudiante de Sogyal Rinpoché ainsi que sa traductrice en Allemand écrit : Pour beaucoup de gens, moi y compris, le Livre Tibétain de la Vie et de la Mort n’est pas un livre comme les autres, mais la réponse à une longue quête sur le sens de la vie et de la […]

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How the book found me part II


Cristine Schell, from Cologne, writes: “I came across Rinpoche’s book when a friend invited me over for coffee while I was still living out in the country. The book stood on her bookshelf; she had hardly looked at it, much less started to read it since she had borrowed it from a friend.

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“Changed My Life”


David C Mitchell writes: “Changed my life. Because of this book, which I read for the first time on a trip in India in the early 90’s, I chose to pursue work in Hospice care. Although it took time for this to “manifest”, I am now a grief counselor at a Hospice. A wonderful, sensitive, […]

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How the book found me

Dirk cologne

Dirk van Fürden, from Cologne, Germany tells his story:

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