This is the Path to Follow!


Verena Pfeiffer from Germany writes: “When I read the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying for the first time, I was quite young and knew absolutely nothing about Tibetan Buddhism. There were many points that I didn’t understand or didn’t know what to do with.

However, what opened my heart back then and moved me to tears and still does today – almost 8 years later – are the accounts of Sogyal Rinpoche’s encounters with death.

Lama Tseten and Samten, Ani Pelu and Ani Rilu have become personal friends and rolemodels to me. The stories of their passing are communicating such incredible wisdom and profound understanding, boundless love and deep compassion – they demonstrate the essence of what Sogyal Rinpoche is to me. Reading these accounts showed me the authenticity and perfect qualities of his lineage and made it intuitively clear to me that “this is it!”, this is the path to follow!”

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