The right time

Kyipchu Kapz writes: “I was in the eleventh grade when I came to know about this book. It so happened that I took part in a live calling show, a radio program, and I was asked about my likes and dislikes. I said that I liked to read religious books, and it was that time that the host was asked me whether I’d read, ‘The Tibetan book of Living and Dying’. He told me that it was a good book, but it was still two years before I could get my hands on it. It was once I was in college, that a friend of mine reminded me about The Tibetan Book of Living and for the first time I started reading it.

It was the right time.

I was in need of a guide to help me know the main purpose of my life; I always thought that there was something more than what I was actually up to. Reading the book helped me to accept myself the way I was and helped me to accept others as well. I found answers for most of my doubts and questions and it made me realize the mistakes I have been through. Through this I came to know the ultimate purpose of my existence.”CIMG1189

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