The One Who Benefits Most from Your Compassion is Yourself

 “If you start working for the benefit of others, amazingly your own welfare is taken care of as a matter of course.”

In this teaching from the unique Awake Amsterdam 2012 event, Sogyal Rinpoche teaches on the Logic of Compassion, based on some key points from His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s own teaching.

As Sogyal Rinpoche writes in Chapter 12 of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying:

“We all feel and know something of the benefits of compassion. But the particular strength of the Buddhist teaching is that it shows you clearly a “logic” of compassion. Once you have grasped it, this logic makes your practice of compassion at once more urgent and all-embracing, and more stable and grounded, because it is based on the clarity of a reasoning whose truth becomes ever more apparent as you pursue and test it.”

You can find the full teaching of the Awake event online here.

To learn more about Awake Amsterdam go to their website here.

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