“I had to stop using the highlighter”

CIMG2199Harendra Desai writes: “Whenever I read a book, I generally use a highlighter and  pen to under line and mark the sentences and words that convey the true meaning and essence of what the author wants to say. While reading The Tibetan Book of Living And Dying, I had to stop using the highlighter after only a few pages as the most of the words on each page were worthy of being highlighted. Indeed, Sogyal Rinpoche has said so much that is precious on every page, that a reader must read and re-read the book and with every reading she or he will gain more and more knowledge.

The subject of death has been most puzzling and perplexing to humankind since time immemorial. The Eastern way of looking at death as only a ‘transition’ is explained by Rinpoche in a profoundly simple manner. This book certainly helps one to understand the true meaning of the phenomena called death, and this understanding helps reduce the irrational fear of death. From the lives of the great men and women we know that those who ‘lived’ a life can only meet the ‘death’ with equanimity. Thus the author has first taught the art of ‘living’. It is only through right type of living that we can ‘live’ the death also. I suggest that this book be read by all the Buddhist as well as by non buddhists also. Every one who reads it will find something for him/her. I salute Sogyal Rinpoche for giving us a wonderful gift of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.”

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