How the Book Found me Part III


Dr. Günter J. Bauer from Berlin and Hamburg writes:  “I was in a book shop rummaging around for some books about Asian philosophy—in particular about the teachings of Confucius—I noticed the The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. However, I did not want to buy a “book of the dead”, so I chose a very beautiful book about Confucius’ teachings but then happened to leave it in an airplane some days later. I went back to buy another copy in the same book shop, but it was sold out. So I picked up The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by a certain Sogyal Rinpoche, leafed through it, read some pages and then I bought it to have something to read. When I started to read it properly, a whole treasure opened up in front of my eyes. For the first time I had an idea and a feeling of what Buddhism was. Since then, the book has been my constant companion and I am endlessly grateful that it offers such an accessible bridge for people with a “Western” education.  


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