Holding without Attachment

“Taking impermanence truly to heart is to be slowly freed from the idea of grasping, from our flawed and destructive view of permanence, from the false passion for security on which we have built everything. Slowly it dawns on us that all the heartache we have been through from grasping at the ungraspable was, in […]

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Dignity in Death.


Boon Ngoei sent us his story today: “In 1993 I lost my partner through a AIDS related illness.

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Que m’arrivera-t-il quand je mourrai ?


Karin Behrendt, une étudiante de Sogyal Rinpoché ainsi que sa traductrice en Allemand écrit : Pour beaucoup de gens, moi y compris, le Livre Tibétain de la Vie et de la Mort n’est pas un livre comme les autres, mais la réponse à une longue quête sur le sens de la vie et de la […]

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How the book found me part II


Cristine Schell, from Cologne, writes: “I came across Rinpoche’s book when a friend invited me over for coffee while I was still living out in the country. The book stood on her bookshelf; she had hardly looked at it, much less started to read it since she had borrowed it from a friend.

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Living up to Death

Following the publication of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying in 1992, Sogyal Rinpoche gave a series of inspiring and lively public talks as part of an international book tour. Here is a rare clip from one of these public talks, which also features an introduction by English actor and comedian John Cleese, star […]

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