The Dawning of Compassion

In this short video from a teaching in Spain last year, Sogyal Rinpoche explains how we can begin to practice compassion by starting to consider others as “just another you.”  This practice is also briefly explained in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, page 179.SR tonglen

One Response to “The Dawning of Compassion”
  1. I love this teaching.
    I used to confused it with two other teachings:
    “You never know how much good your help does others, what you do know is you get 100% of the benefit”. ” I have on occasions confused the pleasure I feel helping others, with my bursting Ego for the peace it always brings me.” or
    If you can’t help, there is always someone else who will..
    “Doesn’t mean I just walk away from difficult situations, knowing someone else will help.”
    As Sogyal Rinpoche explains here, when I understand what compassion really is; and that contentment I feel within, it is not my ego, but the wish that others be as content as the teachings are making me. I am reassured I am on my life path.
    Thank you,

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