May I finally understand

Nadine's sister on the beach

Nadine Aernouts, originally from Belgium, writes: “My sister died two years ago of cancer when she was sixty years old. I lost my brother years ago when he was just 47 years old. When he died I was totally confused because people always tell you that you have to be strong and go on living. […]

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Getting in Touch with the Soft Spot of Your Good Heart

The Buddha said: If you look all over the world for someone more worthy of your love than yourself, you will not find another. In this recent teaching from Barcelona, Sogyal Rinpoche explains that when we practise compassion, we begin by getting in touch with ourselves through meditation, arriving at the soft spot of our good […]

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The Book is a Teacher in Itself

How is it possible to sincerely follow the teachings when we neither  have a teacher close to us, nor belong a supporting group? In a recent teaching from a weekend programme in Barcelona, Sogyal Rinpoche gave this advice in response to a student’s question. Rinpoche explains that in the absence of a teacher–especially for those […]

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Unblocking Our Capacity for Love and Compassion

At times, due to our own history of pain and trauma, when we are faced with the suffering of loved ones and others around us, we may experience that the love and compassion we would like to show them is blocked and inaccessible. How then can we reconnect with our innate capacity for that love […]

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Freedom Lies Within Each One of Us

Lerab Ling

Ane Tsondru, who is a buddhist nun at Lerab Ling in the south of France, writes: “I can vividly remember when I first started to read the book that it was a complete revelation. I’d received quite a few teachings by then, but it felt as if before I had lots of pieces of a […]

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