Tonglen: The Sacred Practice of Exchanging Ourselves for Others with Compassion

Of all the practices I know, the practice of Tonglen, which in Tibetan means “giving and receiving,” is one of the most useful and powerful. When you feel yourself locked in upon yourself, Tonglen opens you to the truth of the suffering of others; when your heart is blocked, it destroys those forces that are obstructing […]

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Getting in Touch with the Soft Spot of Your Good Heart

The Buddha said: If you look all over the world for someone more worthy of your love than yourself, you will not find another. In this recent teaching from Barcelona, Sogyal Rinpoche explains that when we practise compassion, we begin by getting in touch with ourselves through meditation, arriving at the soft spot of our good […]

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The Book which Loves Us all so Much


Fernando Garcia, from Madrid writes: “I met my friend María by chance, as we were coming out of the cinema, and she told me that she was in the final phase of her illness, and that she was receiving a lot of help from an amazing group of students of Tibetan Buddhism.

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How Do You do it?


How do you bring the teachings of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying into your daily life? To continue the celebration of 20 years of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, over the next few weeks we’re asking you to send in stories about how–in even just the smallest of ways–you bring the […]

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Unblocking Our Capacity for Love and Compassion

At times, due to our own history of pain and trauma, when we are faced with the suffering of loved ones and others around us, we may experience that the love and compassion we would like to show them is blocked and inaccessible. How then can we reconnect with our innate capacity for that love […]

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