The right time


Kyipchu Kapz writes: “I was in the eleventh grade when I came to know about this book. It so happened that I took part in a live calling show, a radio program, and I was asked about my likes and dislikes.

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A Treasure in My Hands

CIMG2072 hadid rainbow 2

Cristina Iglesias from Madrid writes: “In August 2008, my partner and father of my daughter, whose name is Paris, was diagnosed with third stage pancreatic cancer. They didn’t give us any hope, but hope is the last thing there is to lose, and so we started a series of natural treatments and Paris came home […]

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This is it.


Rafael Saenz writes from Barcelona: “Here is my story: A friend of mine recommended The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying to me, back in 1993. I was living in New York City at the time. The book had just come out, and it was a big success. I bought a copy, but since I […]

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May I finally understand

Nadine's sister on the beach

Nadine Aernouts, originally from Belgium, writes: “My sister died two years ago of cancer when she was sixty years old. I lost my brother years ago when he was just 47 years old. When he died I was totally confused because people always tell you that you have to be strong and go on living. […]

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The Book which Loves Us all so Much


Fernando Garcia, from Madrid writes: “I met my friend María by chance, as we were coming out of the cinema, and she told me that she was in the final phase of her illness, and that she was receiving a lot of help from an amazing group of students of Tibetan Buddhism.

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