The One Who Benefits Most from Your Compassion is Yourself

 “If you start working for the benefit of others, amazingly your own welfare is taken care of as a matter of course.” In this teaching from the unique Awake Amsterdam 2012 event, Sogyal Rinpoche teaches on the Logic of Compassion, based on some key points from His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s own teaching. As Sogyal […]

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Podcast: Part 3 of “Living and Dying Today” Now Available!

Podcast v2

This episode of The Tibetan Blog of Living and Dying Podcast features  Part Three of the talk called Living and Dying Today.

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No truer words to live by


Felicia Chan from Manchester, in the United Kingdom, writes: “Happy 20th anniversary! I seem to be taking just as long to get through the book and am only about halfway through several years after picking it up. Taking in a book at this pace is very unusual for me, but for some reason, I have […]

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Letter from Death Row


In the early 90s, not long after The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying was published, a young man called Greg from the United States, wrote to Rinpoche from his prison cell, where he was preparing to be executed. He wrote: “I am not writing this for any benefit to myself, other than the possibility […]

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Coming Home to Our Fundamental Goodness

“The fundamental message of the Buddha is that, regardless who we are, we all have Buddha nature,  the potential of enlightenment. In fact our true nature is the Buddha. That means our true nature is goodness.”

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